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Booth # 644
Alton, Hampshire
United Kingdom

jisp is an award-winning tech company based in Alton, Hampshire, that uses cutting-edge technology to lead the evolution of communication, shopping and payment in a connected world through its app.

It is the first UK company to introduce its brand-new service called jispGO that empowers any retailer to create a seamless shopping experience, where customers simply “walk-in, shop and go”. It is also the first company to introduce an interactive quiz online that can be hosted and joined from anywhere at the same time, named ENGAGE. 

jisp understands customers’s behaviours through INSIGHT which identifies individuals as unique visitors without the use of camera technology, providing a GDPR-compliant and accurate understanding of interactions in places and spaces. Harness this data to provide accurate real-time analytics and gain online intelligence from the offline world. 

From creating a frictionless customer journey in-store to providing allergen and nutritional value information to connecting passengers to their gates at an airport, jisp’s innovative solutions empower any industry to deliver the best customer experience exactly how they need.