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TokyWoky is the first solution that helps brands and retailers build a customer community on their websites. The community answers shoppers’ questions and creates content to continuously drive sales and improve customer experience.

According to the ECHO research center, online retailers lose between 12-15% of online sales because shoppers can’t find the help or the content they need on site.

We created TokyWoky because we found that by letting shoppers help each other and growing an ambassador community, brands can radically improve their customer experience.

First, we identify a brand’s community through an on-site shopper-to-shopper live chat. Then, we gather the best of their community in a dedicated platform where brands can leverage them to help shoppers, create content and provide key insights.

After testing and perfecting best practices in community activation and engagement for 4+ years, we’re live with 130+ online retailers in the USA, Europe, and Asia in passionate sectors like beauty, technology, sports, and fashion.

Today, these customer communities play a key role in boosting sales, reducing CS costs and helping their favorite brands improve.