Throw No More

Throw No More
Booth # 1452
Fornebu, Oslo

1/3 of all food ends up wasted.

Throw No More is a Food Tech Company that delivers solutions to reduce food waste in the retail industry. We have already significantly reduced food waste in almost 600 stores in Norway. Our goal is to reduce food waste in stores all over the world. 

The Throw No More (TNM) consumer app shows consumers what foods local grocery stores have reduced in price due to imminent expiration date. 

TNM fully integrates with the store's operating systems, thereby ensuring a seamless integration. Consumers can plan the purchase of reduced priced products in advance, and go to the store and purchase these goods, as well as any other goods they might need. 

The TNM app shows which items have been discounted, quantity left, original price, discounted price and directions to the store.