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Texel Inc


Texel Inc
Booth # 7032
Moscow, Moscow

Texel is developing the world's leading body scanning and measuring technology for size & fit advisor that delivers certainty for shoppers while capturing crucial customer intelligence for apparel retailers and manufacturers. Our solution decreases the returns and engages customers via single photo try-on for higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

We have developed the technology to allow anyone to create a digital avatar. This will help customers to confidently select the right style and size when shopping for clothes online. This means both a better experience for customers and lower returns for retailers.


Website plugin allows customers to find their personal fit score and size recommendation by using their mobile phone or retrieve data from the offline store measurement session.

Marks & Spencer has invested in Texel, which enables consumers to create digital avatars using 3D scanning technology to find the clothing most appropriate to their shape and size.



One-sensor 3d scanner solution that enhances shopping experience and drives store revenue growth. Shapometry Mobile - body measurement software that works with 2 photos.