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Texel Inc


Texel Inc
Texel Inc
Booth # 7038
Moscow, Moscow

Texel helps retailers to provide highly personalized fit score and size recommendations to shoppers, collect and analyze statistics data about customers allow brand to plan smarter - reducing cycle times & waste.

  • We increase the average spend by 8% and conversion to buyers 2x , thanks to recommendations, discounts and special offers
  • We increase the level of service
  • We increase the conversion to bonus and loyalty programme due to the convenience of design and clear communication
  • We increase repeat purchases by 20%
  • We decrease returns by 50%, thanks to precise body measurements
  • We help sales consultants to close sales, while solving the problem of people who do not like to communicate with consultants

Our technology allows scan a person via free movement from a single static depth sensor. The cost of our solution is $250/month which is the main reason the retailers are signing up. It takes two weeks to integrate our solution and one day to deploy in store.

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