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Temabit LLC


Temabit LLC
Booth # 7119
Kyiv, Ukraine

TemaBit is an IT service-oriented Company focused on developing software tools for your business.

We are a group of young professionals fluent in SW development and business process analytics, our solutions have real-life applications in the field.

At the NRF Retail’s Big Show we proudly introduce the following solutions and services:

Category management solution

·      Customer Decision Tree

·      Assortment management

 Mobile solutions

·      Customer solution

·      Business solution

·      BYOD

 POS Software and Services

·      Mobile POS

·      Self-checkout

Software development

Using our solutions, you can:

-         manage store assortment and allocate shelf space effectively    

-         fulfill and control all operational processes in the store efficiently  

-         provide quick and quality customer service in your stores

-         offer OMNI self-service for your customers

We can provide a digital tool for every business process you may have.  

If it is challenging to solve a task with our off-the-shelf products, we customize an existing tool or build it from scratch to meet your needs.