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Technology Recovery Group


Technology Recovery Group
Booth # 2181
Westlake, OH
United States

Technology Recovery Group (TRG) is the leading hardware, software, and solutions provider in the mobile computing, barcode, POS and payment processing industries. Based in Westlake, Ohio, TRG provides the most comprehensive suite of products and services across all lifecycle stages and equipment types. From warehouse to register and deployment to retirement, TRG is vendor and solution agnostic, developing tailored solutions that meet each customer’s unique requirements and ultimately increase productivity, extend equipment life and maximize overall ROI. Learn more about why The Difference is Us at

Press Releases

TRG Launches Solutions Showcase

Westlake, OH – Technology Recovery Group (TRG) is pleased to announce it has officially launched a Solutions Showcase, located in its new Retail Deployment Center on its Westlake, Ohio campus. The Showcase features more than 75 barcode scanners, mobile computers, printers and POS systems from 20+ manufacturers and will allow custome