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Suzhou Pinnacle Electronic Co., Ltd
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Suzhou Pinnacle Electronic Co.,Ltd is a hi-tech company integrating scientific research, development, production and sale. Since 2008, We have a 5000 m2 factory located in Suzhou and have produced over 100,000 pos machines, including touch screen POS system, PC-POS machines, POS Scale, Label Scale, etc. Through years of R&D, we have acquired 30+ patents, and our research have reached an international advanced level. 

We have 3 brands: "ZHONGJI" "Anypay" "MeetSun", with over 50 series of products. We have not only established advanced enterprise management system, but excellent enterprise culture. 

We produce and provide below POS system products:
1, touch screen pos
2, pos scale
3, label scale
4, software solution: Supermarket POS Software
5, software solution: POS Text Inserter
6, software solution: Ordering and Reservation

In the field of pos system, we have a wealth of experience in products, customization and development. welcome to visit our factory.

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Factory Introduction

Suzhou Pinnacle Electronic Co, Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that integrates research, development, production, and sales.

label scale

ZHONGJl POS label scale is fashionable and accurate in reading the weight of objects. t supports various operat-ing systems including Windows, and can also support various inventory management software, truly realizingthe high integration of commercial equipment. t can completely replace the traditional POS machine connectedto the label scale, and is the best solution for the retail, food, fruit, and baking industries.

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How does the cashier software backup data?

When it comes to cash register system software, it is important to mention data security because these data contain a lot of product information, membership information, and other data, including customer shopping and recharge records. It is very important to lose an order, which can be very troublesome and even cause economic losses. Therefore, let's talk about how cash register software backs up data.

Currently, there are roughly two types of cash register software backup data on the market

What checkout software does a small supermarket choose?

There are many cash register software systems on the market, with varying quality levels, varying prices, and varying services. How can small supermarkets choose a software that suits them?

Here is a cash register software tailored for small supermarkets

What are the advantages of the supermarket version of zhongji pos  System

How to choose a cash register?

t is evident that the appearance of a product has an undeniable power. Out of the ultimate pursuit of perfectionism in product industrial design, Zhongtech integrates simplicity, fashion, technology, and quality to create a unique POS cash register with high appearance and performance, which has been sought after by many businesses.

Essential functions of the cash register system for chain convenience stores

In the context of new retail, the cash register system of chain convenience stores plays a crucial role. With the continuous development of technology and the changing demands of consumers, a fully functional cash register system can not only improve the operational efficiency of convenience stores, but also provide a better consumer experience. The following are the essential functions of the cash register system for chain convenience stores.

Chain convenience store cashier

How to use the commonly used supermarket checkout system?












product image

Pos System

Simple design ,Integrated pos,card reader,advertising display,easy to install, providing a new way for stores to realize fast experience
product image

All in one Pos System

Integrated pos,keyboard, scanner, thermal printing ,card reader,advertising display, easy to install.It also allows customers to enjoy a fast and convenient payment experience.
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Pos scale

Combines a POS machine with an electronic scale perfectly. lt supports multiple operating systems and inventory software, it can achieve data transmission between the front and back end, truly realizing the high integration of commercial equipment.
product image

Label scale

ZHONGJl POS label scale is fashionable and accurate in reading the weight of objects. lt supports various operating systems including Windows, and can also support various inventory management sotware, truly high integration of commercial equipment.
product image

Supermarket POS System

A3P hypermarket touch screen pos hardware with Supermarket POS Software with NTEP Certified, to be complied law requirement in California and all other states in United States of America.that brings your storefront and back office all in one place