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StoreForce has been helping Specialty Retailers around the world exceed sales performance goals and deliver exceptional customer experiences since 2010. StoreForce is a sales performance platform, underpinned by a Specialty Retail workforce management system. It is called “wfm+”, where the “+” represents a focus on positive sales growth and consistent delivery of the brand in your brick and mortar stores. This approach is entirely unique to StoreForce, and it is why the “+” also represents a foundational shift from the way traditional wfms approach labor planning in Specialty Retail.

At StoreForce, we consider ourselves Retailers first, and technology vendors second. We are extremely passionate about retail and helping our clients thrive. Customer service and engagement is at the forefront of everything we do. We have the luxury of designing a platform-specific to the needs of the Specialty Retail market, working with our clients to continually enhance our solutions, and not compromising on functionality to serve multiple verticals.

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Workforce Management

StoreForce’s WFM+ tool is specifically built for Specialty Retail, maximizes your peak store hours by optimizing your retail associates and field leaders’ schedules, and providing achievable hourly and daily sales targets that motivate.

Employee Engagement

Our solution enables your sales leaders with more visibility into your retail business and motivates them to provide the best customer experience by using personalized dashboards and leaderboards through our Employee Self Service (ESS).