St. Onge

St. Onge
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York, PA
United States

At St. Onge, we employ an engineering approach to help retail clients of all sizes leverage data and analytics to drive measurable gains across increasingly complex infrastructures. Focused on balancing the needs of today with the goals and growth targets of the future, our team creates and implements strategies that drive measurable results by asking companies to answer critical questions including:

Do I have the right product ranges to meet growing consumer demands?

Is my supply chain optimized for home delivery, pick up and in-store sales?

Am I employing the right omni-channel strategy to meet consumers where they want to shop?

Am I leveraging the right level of automation across the supply chain to maximize speed and efficiency?

Do I have the right number of distribution centers in the right places?

Is my inventory management strategy equipped to handle a seamless on-demand omni-channel shopping experience?

Is my warehouse strategy optimized for both my brick and mortar and online retail requirements?

Should I consider growing third-partner logistics partnerships to enhance my capabilities?

Am I using the right data to make informed decisions about the future?