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Squad Experience Ltd
Squad Experience Ltd
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Squadded is a social commerce solution for online stores.
It turns your website into an interactive shopping destination empowering your customers to drive more revenue.

With Squadded, visitors can interact with friends and fellow shoppers, brand ambassadors can generate their own storefronts and influencers can invite their followers to live shopping parties...all on your site.

Our mission is to help brands grow by disrupting their online shopping experience with an immersive customer experience that creates authentic engagement within their community, boosts customer acquisition, and improves conversion rate.

  • Build customer engagement with Interactive Shopping

Supercharge your conversion and generate more revenue through dynamic and interactive user content generated on your site across the journey.

  • Boost sales through Store Ambassadors

Transform top customers into brand ambassadors with a dedicated space on your website to share content and grow your business.

  • Acquire new traffic with Live Shopping Parties

Stand out in your customer experience with live co-shopping sessions, boosting organic referrals with an immersive social experience.


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Community Shopping

Introducing interactive shopping: a social commerce technology allowing interactive conversational shopping. Build customer engagement by allowing your community of shoppers to discuss, create, and advise each other on your site.
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Ambassadors Storefronts

Introducing Ambassador Stores: combining trust and influence to recruit, connect, and reward your ambassadors. Turn your top customers into brand ambassadors, give them a dedicated storefront and reward them with exclusive perks on your site.
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Live Shopping Parties

Introducing Live Shopping Parties: the first technology allowing native live video co-shopping on any website, with simultaneous browsing. Offer your customers the most immersive social experience and boost organic referrals.