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Astoria, NY
United States
Sprygg provides faciltiies and maintenance services for national, regional, and local clients. Srpygg centralized system and procsses makes it easy for clients to coordinate maintenance at the best available price for all of your commercial spaces. We provide services across all trades including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, handyman, cleaning and much more. We service clients across an array of industries including retail, hospitality, medical and food services. Sprygg services our clients for recurring, scheduled, and emergency work orders. Let Sprygg remove the overhead and complexity of your maintenance program so you can focus on running your operations.



SPRYGG Recurring Services bundle saves commercial tenants up to 20% on their recurring services and reduces the overhead of paying and managing multiple vendors for each location.

SPRYGG Maintenance Services

SPRYGG Maintenance Services manages the entire spectrum of facilities and maintenance needs for commercial clients across many industries. SPRYGG Maintenance Services optimizes in-person experiences by maximizing every maintenance budget dollar.

SPRYGG Maintenance Insights

SPRYGG Maintenance Insights provides the data and transparency needed to maximize maintenance budgets. SPRYGG provides weekly, monthly quarterly, and annual breakdown by relevant maintenance metrics by location, trade type, and other relevant KPIs.