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Build brand loyalty with a cooperate social responsibility program at checkout for a positive triple-bottom line - People, Planet, and Profit. The Sparo Corporation was founded in 2014 to tap into the $4 trillion global online commerce market by offering its patented platforms that marry e-commerce and charitable giving. Evolving from its original checkout plugin for enterprise e-commerce users to a charitable giving platform that allows not-for-profits to engage, “gamify” and increase per user donation. Sparo’s goal is to allow the smaller charities and causes the same access and visibility as the larger not-for-profits. This is especially true given that the top twelve (12) percent of charities in the U.S. take in 86% of all dollars donated. Sparo’s platform goal is to democratize charitable giving to allow those charities and causes with limited financial and human capital resources access to a wider pool of donors.


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Sparo CSR Merchant E-commerce Plugin

The Sparo CSR Merchant E-commerce Plugin seamlessly integrates into all e-commerce platforms to do delver an effective ESG (enterprise for social good) strategy for any retailer. No customer download or sign in required.