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Spacee, Inc.


Spacee, Inc.
Booth # 625
Addison, TX
United States

Spacee is an Addison TX-based technology company that focuses on post-mobile augmented reality for the masses with their patented virtual touch technology.

Spacee believes in a post-mobile world. Using light only, the Spacee technology transforms virtually any 2D or 3D surface, into an interactive touch screen. No phones, helmets, eyeglasses, or tablets are required, and nothing is installed on the actual surface.

Every Spacee solution is designed to be a powerful communal experience that also delivers a deep personal connection. This results in communal frictionless experiences for physical commerce and "Deviceless Mixed Reality"​ for the masses.

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Spacee TouchGlass

Say no to Kiosks! Turn any of your glass surfaces into a touchscreen by re-using the existing infrastructure. The Spacee TouchGlass requires no power to the glass. All of the Spacee TouchGlass solutions are virtually unbreakable with heavy use.

Press Releases

"Tip of the Spear Technology" - Spacee - Winner of Best in Show 2018- Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit - June 27, 2018

"In a new showcase at this year's Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit, attendees were able to test drive a variety of cutting-edge digital tools courtesy of technology commercializer i2i Labs.These technologies were curated by CGT and i2i for their ability either to enhance retail presence or improve consum