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SocialQ is transforming the retail experience

Launched in 2020, SocialQ is a customer experience tool that improves customer NPS, reduces labor costs and increases incremental revenue.

BOPIS is a surging part of eCommerce and SocialQ allows retailers to streamline the collection process, reduce handling and wait times, and drive customer NPS.

Virtual Queuing can slash customer traffic, reduce perceived wait times, remove physical lines, and increase incremental revenue.

Click-and-Deliver integrates with couriers to provide order-to-door delivery in under an hour. It involves no commissions and keeps the transaction entirely on the retailer’s website. 

Store performance analytics provide insight to wait times, peak periods, and customer and team trends. This allows retailers to optimize stores to improve customer experience and reduce costs.

No-code integration means that SocialQ can be implemented in days, not months. The platform is built to require little-to-no infrastructure change.


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Free Trial + first 3 MONTHS FREE at SocialQ

To celebrate NRF, SocialQ is offering attendees the first 3 MONTHS FREE!*

SocialQ is a single platform that transforms customer experience in an omnichannel world - with no integration required. To celebrate Retail's Big Show in 2023, SocialQ is available to attendees for the first 3 months FREE on a 12 month agreement. 


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BOPIS / Click & Collect

SocialQ’s BOPIS feature will streamline your store’s collection process, reduce handling and wait times, and increase both customer NPS and employee eNPS.
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Virtual Queues and Online Bookings

With SocialQ’s Virtual Queues and Online Bookings tool, retailers can significantly improve their customer experience by reducing wait times, increasing convenience, and providing a more organized and efficient shopping experience.
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Click & Deliver

Provide your customers with increased convenience and an enhanced customer experience by utilizing SocialQ’s Click & Deliver tool that provides order-to-door delivery in under an hour.
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Store Reporting

Let SocialQ provide the data that will help your stores identify trends and patterns in customer behavior and sales, opportunities for improvement, and empower staff to make data-driven decisions on how to optimize their store's operations.
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Customer Communications

SocialQ offers both real-time and post-purchase communications with your customers to help foster customer loyalty and encourage repeat business.