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SO1 Segment of One


SO1 Segment of One
SO1 Segment of One
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Welcome to SO1®, the most advanced AI for retail promotions

100% individual offers.

Optimized for your goals.

Loved by your shoppers.

At SO1®, we are crafting the future of retail promotions: we individualize, optimize and automate the offers made by retailers to their customers.

For this purpose we have built the most advanced artificial intelligence for retail - aimed in particular at highly frequented food, drug and specialty retailers.

Rooted in science, our AI deeply understands each individual customer’s behavior, preferences, purchase likelihood and willingness-to-pay. Aligned with the retailer's financial goals, it is able to autonomously influence purchase decisions with unparalleled efficiency and impact.

For increased same-store sales, profit, and customer satisfaction. Across channels. In real-time. And with proven success.

Book your SO1® demo NOW at and see how to get ahead of your competition.