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Snowplow empowers organizations to generate trustworthy, first-party customer data to power Marketing and Advertising performance.

1.9+ million sites and applications use Snowplow to generate and model first-party customer data from across their digital interfaces to capture descriptive customer journeys and build actionable first-party behavioral profiles. Purposely designed for the data platforms as a single source of truth; marketers, data teams and CDPs can activate Snowplow data across Customer 360, personalization and ML use cases.

With Snowplow, organizations like Strava, Autotrader, and reach, engage and win customers, while retaining an industry-leading data governance posture, with full GDPR and CCPA compliance.


Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform

The Behavioral Data Platform (BDP) creates first-party customer data in real time, built on the standard for event tracking. A second-by-second record of user interactions allows any team to power next-gen digital analytics and customer engagement