Smith Micro Software, Inc.

Smith Micro Software, Inc.
Smith Micro Software, Inc.
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Celebrating 40 years of success in enhancing mobile lifestyles, Smith Micro Software is a developer and marketer of both enterprise and consumer-level software and services. Currently, the company provides solutions that meet the growing demands of today's connected digital lifestyle and is integrated into the ever evolving wireless media industry, as indicated by partnerships with major Tier 1 carriers. Our white-labeled solutions are developed from yesterday’s experiences while addressing today’s needs and anticipating tomorrow’s challenges. The key to our ongoing success is our customers, our solutions and our people. 

Our ViewSpot product is smart retail for digital signage.  It empowers carriers to provide a connected customer journey by enabling dynamic Retail Display Management (RDM).  With solutions focused on digital content management, real-time pricing updates, and in-store analytics, retailers can increase conversions and reduce the sale cycle by optimizing content and delivering the information customers are seeking to make buying decisions.  


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ViewSpot allows mobile network operators and retailers to transform in-store demo devices into digitized sales associates that provide shoppers with on-demand device specifications, dynamic pricing information and consistent, targeted, and secure content.