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Sizebay solves the complexity of selling clothes over the internet by eliminating size uncertainty and customizing the consumer experience.


We are a Size and Fit Advisor that helps e-commerce stores provide their shoppers a size recommendation using simple customer body information, like height, weight and age.

Sizebay’s platform matches this data with clothing suitability and recommends relevant sizes, helping customers find the apparel or shoes of their size even without trying them in actuality. 


Stores can make an interactive measurement table for each of their items easily and create product content such as style guides to make decision-making easier for customers.


The platform also includes a reports feature that gives store owners valuable insights into their product’s performance.


Meet Sizebay and Get It Right.


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Size & Fit Advisor for Clothing

Sizebay's Size and Fit Advisor utilizes simple information from users to generate recommendations of the perfect size for each body. That way, fashion eCommerce can boost their sales metrics and reduce returns and exchanges. Book a demo now!
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Size & Fit Advisor for Shoes

With SIzebay's Size and Fit Advisor for shoes, your customers get size recommendations and are able to try the comfort of every available size, just like they would in a brick-and-mortar store. Find more about it!
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Intelligent Size Charts

Sizebay's size charts show exclusively the specific measurements of each product, making the reading and interpretation of it way easier. Additionally, they're easy to maintain and if the customer wants, can orientate on how to properly measure your body.