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Shyft is the leading mobile-first solution for engaging hourly workers securely and at scale. Employers leverage Shyft to extend their workforce management strategies through seamless WFM system integration, custom configuration, and guided deployment. Shyft supports compliance with Predictive Scheduling and personal device legislation and helps improve security for company and employee data. 


The mobile-first Shyft Workforce solution is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use for frontline employees, especially Millennials and Gen Z. Shyft empowers employees to flexibly manage their schedules through real-time shift swapping in Shyft’s innovative shift marketplace. By boosting both autonomy and flexibility, Shyft improves shift attendance, morale, and retention. Managers utilize the Open Shifts and VTO features to scale their staff to meet fluctuating business demands. Managers are also able to keep teams and specific groups up to date through Shyft’s engaging communication features.