Shopic Inc.

Shopic Inc.
Booth # 90
New York, NY
United States

Shopic is an AI company specializing in frictionless retail solutions

Our mission is to digitalize the retail frontend and create personalized frictionless shopping experiences in brick-and-mortar stores

We’re building a 3-pronged platform:

  1. A computer vision-based smart cart that delivers a frictionless experience, with a personalized store journey and line-skipping self-checkout

  2. A promotions engine that connects to the retailer’s marketing systems and tailors offers to shoppers during their store visit

  3. Analytics engine that optimizes store management with real-time tracking of shopper carts and store shelves 

Shopic’s platform allows retailers to extend key advantages of online shopping (high transparency, high personalization, and zero friction) to their physical stores

Shopic builds solutions that are immediately deployableoperational with minimal adjustmentsand cost-effective

Key innovation: smart clip-on for any cart turning it into a smart cart for the duration of a visit

Unlike most frictionless shopping solutions, Shopic is built for large-format stores measuring tens of thousands of SqF and with  unlimited SKUs