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Shinsegae I&C
Shinsegae I&C
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Seoul, Jung-gu
Korea (South)

Shinsegae I&C

Shinsegae I&C is a global retail tech company that creates new values in new areas with digital technology.

Using the best technologies, we build a retail environment of change and innovation such as Cloud Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Retail and Data Business.

As the country’s No.1 retail tech company we deliver differentiated experiences and values through digital technologies. We are bringing innovations to the retail industry in the era of 4th Industrial Revolution and increasing our competitiveness for the future. We will further change the lives of people and present a new normal in our daily lives.


Spharos is Shinsegae I&C’s own brand of Cloud and AI solutions and represents our vision as a global digital retail leader.

In 280 B.C, the Pharos of Alexandria, the first lighthouse ever built, turned the city into a center of commerce. Today’s retail industry is too many solutions out there, making it more challenging than ever to find the right solution for your business. Let Spharos be your guide. What it has to offer is your voyage to success.

Spharos will light up tomorrow’s retail.