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SheerID is the market leader in identity attribute verification, providing the best converting verification solution for commerce. Hundreds of the world’s leading brands use the SheerID Verification Platform to acquire customers with gated offersmitigate loss prevention, and power loyalty programs.

SheerID verifies hundreds of consumer identity attributes for billions of consumers around the world via more than 200K authoritative data sources. And, with more than a decade of experience, SheerID empowers its customers with high-value consumer insights while protecting consumer privacy and never sharing or selling verification data.

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Gated Offers

Create Emotional Bonds That Drive Customer LIfetime Value

Loss Prevention

The most comprehensive US Driver’s License verification solution for protecting your brand from rental and return theft.

Fraud Protection

Protect your community or driver’s license verifications with additional identity checks.

Loyalty Programs and Digital Wallets

Verify hundreds of identity attributes like profession, student status, and military membership so you can provide consumers with special access and offers to build loyalty and grow membership.