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Setlog provides end-to-end supply chain software solutions that make your supply chain more digital, secure and sustainable. Through our OSCA software, we enable you to connect all your supply chain partners, manage activities and workflows collaboratively, and easily integrate your existing IT landscape.

“OSCA” stands for “Online Supply Chain Accelerator” or as some of our customers say: "One Solution Covers All". As such, the system offers a transparent map of all your processes and enables you to digitally manage your supply chain on a central platform. Automation and early warnings help to identify problems and find solutions easily. Effectiveness and quality go hand in hand.

Setlog is your long-term partner. We offer high competences in global logistics, sourcing and ESG and know that a lack of transparency, data silos and different data structures may still be major challenges. Our mission is to work with you to resolve these challenges.

Today, more than 150 brands worldwide benefit from our expertise and the many advantages of a transparent, digital supply chain –  achieving sustainable cost advantages and competitive supply chain processes.

Press Releases

Climate change: experts predict more supply chain disruptions and higher transport rates

(Bochum / New York, August 25, 2023) Delivery delays, bottlenecks, bigger safety stocks, growing logistics costs: In future, climate change will lead to more supply chain disruptions and negative effects on the economy than ever before. This is the prediction of the SCM experts at the Bochum-based software company Setlog on the occasion of the current passage restrictions for ships in the Panama Canal.

Karl Lagerfeld controls supply chain with software OSCA

(Bochum / New York / Amsterdam, July 12, 2023) Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who passed away in 2019, kept an eye out for new directions in the fashion industry throughout his life. The same applies to the company he founded for its digital transformation. To prepare itself for the future with transparent supply chain management, the well-known fashion brand is introducing the cloud-based software tool OSCA from Setlog GmbH in Bochum, Germany.

Real-time transport tracking of goods: SCM specialist Setlog joins forces with Shippeo

(Bochum / New York / Paris, March 20, 2023) Setlog’s Supply Chain Management (SCM) specialists will join forces with Shippeo’s transportation tracking experts to give Setlog customers an optimized Carrier Booking module that will enable them to track their shipments in real-time. In addition, they will receive exact information on the estimated and actual time of arrival of their shipments (Estimated Time of Arrival, ETA, and Actual Time of Arrival, ATA).

The lone warrior becomes lonely

Until now, the use of open-source software has not played a major role in improving logistics processes. But that is changing. Ralf Duester, board member and SCM expert at Setlog, explains why IT service providers who jump on the bandwagon will be more successful than their competitors in the future.


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With our solution OSCA CSR, you can comprehensively manage all areas of social compliance, both strategically and operationally.
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OSCA Global Logistics

The OSCA Global Logistics solution maps all logistics processes within your supply chain and enables you to manage shipments in all operational areas.
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OSCA Procurement

The OSCA Procurement solution operationally manages all areas of sourcing and procurement processes and provides you with complete transparency. Streamline your buying with workflow-based processes for developing products and purchase order management.
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OSCA is our supply chain management software specialized in inbound logistics. “OSCA” stands for “Online Supply Chain Accelerator” or as some of our customers like to say: "One Solution Covers All"
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SCA Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) tracks all aspects of supplier management in one solution, enabling a workflow-based onboarding and approval process to transparently represent all business relationships within your supply chain.