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Setlog provides end-to-end supply chain software solutions that make your supply chain more digital, secure and sustainable. Through our OSCA software, we enable you to connect all your supply chain partners, manage activities and workflows collaboratively, and easily integrate your existing IT landscape.

“OSCA” stands for “Online Supply Chain Accelerator” or as some of our customers say: "One Solution Covers All". As such, the system offers a transparent map of all your processes and enables you to digitally manage your supply chain on a central platform. Automation and early warnings help to identify problems and find solutions easily. Effectiveness and quality go hand in hand.

Setlog is your long-term partner. We offer high competences in global logistics, sourcing and ESG and know that a lack of transparency, data silos and different data structures may still be major challenges. Our mission is to work with you to resolve these challenges.

Today, more than 150 brands worldwide benefit from our expertise and the many advantages of a transparent, digital supply chain –  achieving sustainable cost advantages and competitive supply chain processes.

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ESG Checklist 2022

ESG Checklist 2022
Do you know your supply chain partners? 
It's no surprise that ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is becoming increasingly important to companies. 
Customer expectations, human rights, and supply chain sustainability laws require detailed supply chain visibility now more than ever. The question is how to successfully implement an ESG framework. Review our ESG checklist and future-proof your business. 


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OSCA Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) tracks all aspects of supplier management in one solution, enabling a workflow-based onboarding and approval process to transparently represent all business relationships within your supply chain.
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With our solution OSCA CSR, you can comprehensively manage all areas of social compliance, both strategically and operationally.
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OSCA Global Logistics

The OSCA Global Logistics solution maps all logistics processes within your supply chain and enables you to manage shipments in all operational areas.
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OSCA Procurement

The OSCA Procurement solution operationally manages all areas of sourcing and procurement processes and provides you with complete transparency. Streamline your buying with workflow-based processes for developing products and purchase order management.
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OSCA is our supply chain management software specialized in inbound logistics. “OSCA” stands for “Online Supply Chain Accelerator” or as some of our customers like to say: "One Solution Covers All"