Booth # 358
Palo Alto, CA
United States

Savitude is a SaaS B2B company that provides a computer vision platform and analytics for best fit. We serve fashion brands and retailers who want to design and offer clothing that better fits and flatters their consumers so they will come back again and again. We serve those who seek fewer, more focused items in their collection that better meet their customer needs. Savitude Design Studio provides analytics, insights and recommendations to assist merchandisers or designers optimize consumer coverage, satisfying all body shapes in their brand’s target audience. Our patented* knowledge base visually identifies clothes by 400 parameters and matches design details to the varied body shape of consumers.

Savitude leverages design domain expertise and AI to address the root cause of waste and assortment imbalance at the very beginning of the process and provides a consumer friendly experience to enable creative search so that you can capture data to inform the future. Our technology does the heavy lifting in real time, enabling fast iteration and optimal assortments. Where are your opportunities to capture share? Ask us for a free assessment.

*U.S. Patent No. 11,164,233