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Sacleti is a technological company dedicated to providing services and manufacturing products exclusively for retail. Our great innovation is FocusOnShelf, a 100% automatic system of image recognition for shelving.

FocusOnShelf is an automatic image recognition system that is accessible and that responds to the needs of supermarkets and their suppliers, by granting visibility regardless of the size and profile of the retail outlet. It is an integrated system that provides a professional solution for the entire process of managing commercial spaces, categories and product ranges.
There is no need for fixed cameras or robots. You only need a smartphone per store and the help of a cashier to take photos of each element of the store. All the information will be organized and available, with different access profiles and alerts to analyze. By comparing the daily photos against the software’s model, you will obtain the compliance of the planogram at any time and in real time.
With Focus on Shelf, you can make a virtual visit to any store in the country and go through it item by item, supervising what was promised as opposed to what is actually presented.


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Image recognition system for all supermarkets formats Hyper - Super - Convenience