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The RSLT platform delivers actionable and robust advertising insights to boost engagement and ROI from TV, radio and podcast commercials.


What sets us apart?

Most ad efficiency measurement solutions rely on data obtained through uninformed consent (through TV trackers and/or digital pixels). RSLT only utilizes 1st-party data, and machine learning to give unparalleled and safe ad insights such as forecasting advertising fatigue, TV ad impact on Amazon and online brand store sales, and podcast ad airing verification and attribution.


TV/Radio/Podcast Attribution:

  • Accurately measure ad effectiveness at the most granular level, namely the channels, dayparts, genres, days, and creatives driving your target audience to convert online.

  • Forecast Ad Fatigue:Over-repeating commercials drives away your audience. We can predict when your creative will run its course, so that you can adjust your investment rather than losing it.

Marketing Mix Modeling:

  • Estimate the impact of offline and online various marketing tactics and external factors on online and offline sales to optimize your marketing budget across all tactics.



Optimize your TV advertising budget by monitoring & forecasting ad fatigue using granular-level attribution and data-driven recommendations.