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With RSLT, you can precisely measure online engagement and ROI from each of your TV, radio, and podcast commercials.

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What sets us apart?

We use machine learning and first-party data to forecast advertising fatigue, measure how many online conversions are triggered by each TV and radio commercial, and help media buyers and marketers optimize their advertising strategy at the most granular level.

RSLT clients include both established and up-and-coming enterprises and media buying agencies.

Most frequent questions:

Q: "We don't want to put a pixel on the website; can you still accurately assess the impact of TV & radio commercials?"
      A: Not a problem, we do not use pixels.

Q: “Can you tell us when it's time to switch our ad creatives before it's too late?"
       A: Yes, we predict when your commercials will no longer drive engagement.

Q: “Are you reasonably priced?"
      A: Yes, come to visit us at booth #744 at the Startup Zone.

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The ONLY ad effectiveness measurement solution that uses machine learning and first-party data to predict ad fatigue and optimize TV and radio ad campaigns
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Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) evaluates your marketing strategy by analysing individual campaign components and non-marketing variables to provide recommendations and forecasts to increase ROI.
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Determine if your podcast ads actually aired, assess podcast
ad efficiency, and track podcast ad fatigue.