RoboBurger Enterprises Inc.

RoboBurger Enterprises Inc.
RoboBurger Enterprises Inc.
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Newark, NJ
United States

RoboBurger - World's 1st fully autonomous MINIATURE digital restaurant that can make ANY sandwich in under 4 minutes!

Completely autonomous - 24/7/365 freshly cooked, custom-order burgers, breakfast, plant etc.

Roboburger is just 12 sf...and can go ANYWHERE...fully vent-less special plumbing or venting. LITERALLY, just plug it in (240V/30A)

Convenience stores, Colleges, Airports, Health Care, Offices etc are all TOP locations

Roboburger has a TURN-KEY onboarding process...white glove installation, on-line training, full account management with onboarding...with full recipe/sourcing support

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Roboburger Announces New V3 Machine & Financing Program

Roboburger, the world's 1st fully autonomous, robotic miniature restaurant is launching its new V3 double-door machine along with its new financing program.

Now Colleges, Convenience, Travel operators can provide RESTAURANT-QUALITY freshly cooked, custom ordered burgers 24/7/365 with a simple, turnkey state-of-the-art robotic restaurant that fit is just 12sf and all it requires is a plug!

Any operaor interested in reserving a Roboburger should go to and start the application process.


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World's 1st fully autonomous miniature robotic restaurant that makes freshly cooked, custom ordered HOT & DELICIOUS burgers, breakfast, plant, egg etc...24/7/365 ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Literally, just plug it in (240V/30A).
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Fully Robotic Miniature Restaurant in 12sf.
Restaurant-quality freshly cooked burgers in just 4 minutes.
NSF25 certified.
Simple to operate, turnkey solution.