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RIOTEC (founded in 2002), is dedicated to designing, manufacture, market, and service in Auto-ID products for its own brand and OEM/ODM. 

RIOTEC is a FIRST Taiwan leading manufacturer & innovative technology for a LASER barcode scanner, its structure is different from the vibration laser scanner. And is one and only supplier able to sell the laser products into the USA without paying any license fee. As it does not infringe with any existing patent and can sell around the world.  

In view of market trends in mobile devices, RIOTEC creates the FIRST mini/wearable barcode scanner "DC9250X/DC926X" for an Android OTG device for work with mobile devices in 2013. And following the GODASCAN in 2014 and  Pocket barcode scanner and RIOSCAN in 2015, Wearable pocket in 2016, Mini Fixed-mount in 2018, pretty fast reading Omnidirectional barcode scanner and DPM scanner in 2019. And continual will bring more varies application products for our customers.

The products used widely in the field of retail, point-of-sale, inventory management, Logistics control, medical application, KIOSK & other commercial environments. 

We are looking for distributors to work together. 


GODASCAN Barcode scanner

GODASCAN can attach to the Android OTG phone and easy to upgrade it become a simple Data collector. With various APP & GODASCAN, your Android phone can be used in different applications, including warehouse control, inventory management, logistic. etc.

2D engine

High-performance 2D engine with small size can be installed into varies facility which need the scanner. Engine with an excellent decoding performance and long DOF. We also provide an SHD version with a high-density type for the different applications.