RightHand Robotics

RightHand Robotics
Booth # 628
Somerville, MA
United States

RightHand Robotics builds a data-driven intelligent robotic picking platform, providing flexible and scalable automation for predictable order fulfillment. The software-driven, hardware-enabled modular piece-picking solution, called RightPick 3, is designed to be easy to deploy and support. The RightPick system is powered by RightPick AI software, providing model-free picking that incorporates advanced machine-learning to improve over time and across its fleets that are being used in warehouses and distribution facilities across North America, Europe, and East Asia.

RightHand Robotics was founded in 2015 by a DARPA challenge-winning team from the Harvard Biorobotics Lab, the Yale GRAB Lab, and MIT, intent on bringing grasping intelligence powered by computer vision and applied machine learning to bear on real-world problems. The company is based in the U.S. near Boston, Massachusetts, with offices in Nürnberg, Germany and Tokyo, Japan. For more information, visit www.righthandrobotics.com or follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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