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ATN POS Testing

Testing interaction between hardware and software and not just software can be difficult to automate due to their complexity and the usage of different hardware and software platforms. Rhiscom has solved this dilemma with ATaaS (Automated Testing as a Subscription) or ATN.

ATN technology, through special tools and systems, has the ability to emulate the peripherals in your test environment, including keyboards, bar-code scanners, touch screens, cash-drawers, coupon printers, ticket printers, customer display, operator display, customer monitor, operator monitor, magnetic ink character recognition readers, weighing scales, and a variety of the other input/output peripheral devices. 

ATN also offers a unique solution for those test cases that require interaction with a payment device. One of the tools, the GPD (Guest Payment Device), utilizes a robotic arm to automate the entry of pin-pad key strokes, touch screen mobile phone payments, and therefore completely supporting unattended execution of test scripts.

ATN Testing tools support ALL known POS platforms, including Apple, Windows, NCR, Toshiba, HP, Oracle, 4690OS, Linux and more.