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Reveal Media USA, Inc.
Booth # 1025
Huntersville, NC
United States

Reveal Body Worn Cameras: Designed for Retail

For over a decade, Reveal has designed and built award-winning, smart, efficient and secure body worn video systems that transform the lives of retail associates while reducing stock loss.

Our small associate camera acts as an independent witness to events when activated by a one-touch record button. Available with a variety of mounting options, the camera’s signature front-facing screen has a proven de-escalation and calming effect in situations of violence, aggression and anti-social behavior. One of our retail customers saw a reduction of 68% in incidents in one of its high-risk stores where our cameras were deployed.

Our overarching approach is to partner closely with retailers to ensure they have the best possible experience and can run successful body camera projects that benefit their staff and the people they serve, while delivering a healthy return on investment. One retailer saw a 16.5% reduction in stock loss in a store where Reveal cameras were worn by retail associates.

Come and see us at Booth #1025 to experience our cameras for yourself.

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Reveal retail camera

The Reveal retail body-worn camera is the unobtrusive camera option for use by store associates, providing a scalable and customisable solution for digital evidence management technology by retail.
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K-series camera

Our latest K-series cameras are ready for the next generation of body-worn video, equipped with AI and powerful features to equip frontline workers with the insight and capabilities they need to make smart real-time decisions.
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DEMS 360 (digital evidence management)

DEMS 360 supports all video, image, audio and document files from a host of different sources including footage from Reveal cameras, visual interview recorders, ANPR cameras, CCTV and more.