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Boulogne-Billancourt, Ile de France

NEXT RFID Cie, RFID out of the box

Standing out as RFID innovators, we continuously track each item at the unit level, from manufacturing to sale, including sales floor activities, unlike traditional competitors focusing on quick counting.

Our real-time unit-level data brings transformative benefits:

  1. Shift from basic inventory accuracy to unified, real-time inventory, allowing dynamic updates, considering for example products held by your sales associates.
  2. Enhance your ERP, OMS, AI, etc., with our 99.8% accurate real-time data, ensuring they operate at full capacity.
  3. Attain absolute control from manufacturing to sale through unit-level navigation data.
  4. Greatly improve the customer experience and boost online and in-store conversion rates.

Ready to enhance your RFID or seeking excellence in assisted selling? Meet us at NRF for a 30-minute interview that will change your view of RFID, far beyond productivity and inventory accuracy for replenishment.