Retail Insight Newgen Technology Services

Retail Insight Newgen Technology Services
Retail Insight Newgen Technology Services
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Asheville, NC
United States

Retail Insights is your premier AI-driven Retail System Integrator Partner, excelling in overcoming challenges like Siloed Transactions, Generic Storefronts, Disconnected Experiences, and Predictive Recommendations. Beyond traditional Digital Agencies, we orchestrate data seamlessly, implement Headless Commerce, digitize stores, and establish autonomous workflows for a unified commerce strategy.

Welcome to the New Era of Retailing:

  • Connected Omnichannel
  • Real-time Edge Connected Data
  • AI-powered Personalization and Store Digitization

Quick Facts:

  • People: 250+
  • Clients: 70+

Technology Partners:

  • Salesforce, Adobe, Shopify, Vtex, Blueyonder, Microsoft, Google, Kantar

Experience Services:

  • Roadmap, Enterprise Architecture Strategy, and Engineering Solutions

Advanced Engineering:

  • MACH - Full Stack with Modern Architecture

Data Engineering:

  • Efficient Pipelines
  • AI/ML Workflows
  • Modern BI/Visualizations

Blueprints for Accelerating in AI:

  • Headless & PWA - B2C2B
  • Blue Yonder Services
  • OMS, CDP & PIM
  • Kantar TPM Services

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We at Retail Insights are excited about this opportunity and look forward to implementing the Blue Yonder Lumi

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In the dynamic world of online retail, E-commerce solutions encompass a wide range of strategies and tools aimed at enhancing your digital storefront and optimizing the customer experience.

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