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At a moment of economic uncertainty and changing customer behaviors, Rallyware provides the all-in-one Performance Enablement Platform for the digital transformation of the retail workforce. With Rallyware, retailers modernize the workforce experience to help the frontline smash through their performance expectations and achieve success. 

So far, retailers have focused on optimizing eCommerce, while leaving their in-store workforce unsupported by today’s advances in smart technology and automation. Rallyware delivers a personalized frontline experience to unleash sales potential, boost incentive execution, and raise customer retention with an automated app used on the fly to create real, tangible results right away. 

Consolidating Incentives & Promotions, Opportunity Management, Corporate Communications, and Learning & Development in one platform, Rallyware allows data to travel freely from one module to another, adapting to each frontline employee’s goals, knowledge, and sales capacity to modify and drive high-performing behaviors.


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Rallyware Performance Enablement Platform

Rallyware’s retail suite fuels sales and customer service by delivering the right activity to the right frontline employee at just the right time. Rallyware modernizes the frontline workforce experience from day one and enables each employee for success.