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Qudini by Verint
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Built specifically for enterprise retailers and banks, Qudini’s Retail Choreography suite includes market-leading customer experience solutions that enable brands to increase sales, loyalty and productivity. By using our software to better choreograph their customers and store associate activities, businesses can speed up service, reduce operational costs and drive conversion across channels.

Qudini’s Retail Choreography Software helps brands to do more with less. Solutions include: Appointment Scheduling, Wait Line Management, Event Booking, BOPIS, Clienteling, Task Management, Live Shop, Employee Communications and Shop Floor Management.

Proven Results - By deploying one or more of Qudini’s software solutions, global brands have been able to:

●      Reduce no-shows by 70%

●      Raise new customer acquisition by 60%

●      Double appointment bookings

●      Boost average transaction value by 33%

●      Drive 24% of customers to return to their stores

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To book a demo, contact: info@qudini.com


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BOPIS Software

Automatically notify your store team when customers check-in virtually so they can speed up order collection without waiting behind a desk.
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Task Management Software

Enhance company culture and improve communication between head office and store teams with our Task Management Software.