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Proximity Insight
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Close the gap between physical and virtual retail by empowering your teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences anywhere, anytime with our one-stop retail solution, the Retail Super-App. 

Build customer engagement, strengthen loyalty, save money and increase efficiency in a single app experience.

How do we do it?

  • Personalised outreach: Targeted and shoppable content via email, SMS, social messaging, video chat
  • Double down on data: Unlock data and put it into the hands of your sales associates with order history, wishlists, loyalty status and product recommendations
  • Seamless transactions: Combine clienteling with mPOS, eCommerce, endless aisle and OMS to transact and fulfil from anywhere
  • Real-time reporting: Monitor and measure individual and team performance with customisable dashboards
  • Customer for life: Empower teams to build and own relationships, stay top-of-mind and increase the LTV of your customers 
  • All-in-one solution: Gain efficiency, save money and provide a holistic brand experience