Prisma Holding Inc

Prisma Holding Inc
Booth # 104
Wilmington, DE
United States
Prisma is a B2B platform focused on Unified Retail Planning that provides retailers with a proven process to optimize pricing, promotions, inventory, assortment and space within the same platform. By combining business rules with powerful machine learning algorithms, Prisma generates suggestions that help retailers make better decisions and increase their profitability.


Prisma Pricing

Analyze competitive pricing, find new pricing and margin optimization opportunities while keeping consistency between related products and strategically executing category rules.

Prisma Assortment Planning

Remove the guesswork from your assortment lifecycle planning and make accurate business decisions. Prisma suggests product listings and removals per cluster to drive higher sales and margins in your stores while reducing inventory levels.

Prisma Space Planning

Make smarter and more accurate category and product space allocation decisions that drive revenue growth, improve customer satisfaction by reducing stock outs and measure the profitability of your linear space in each convenience store.