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PrehKeyTec | Highly Reliable and Durable Keyboards Meet State of the Art Technologies

PrehKeyTec GmbH is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality data entry solutions for professional applications.

Our products give our worldwide customers advantages in terms of reliability and efficiency in the areas of retail & POS, airport & airline, manufacturing & logistics, office & finance, security & identification and healthcare. In addition to keyboards and multifunctional readers, our product range also includes reliable DIN-connectors.

Many decades of know-how in development and production ensure tailor-made solutions in projects with customer-specific requirements.

With our AEO-F (Authorized Economic Operator) certification and our status as a “Known Consignor”, we are able to ship our products quickly and reliably, in compliance with legal requirements, worldwide. PrehKeyTec is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 quality standards. We develop and produce all of our products in Mellrichstadt, Germany.

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PrehKeyTec Enhances Checkout Efficiency

Experience accelerated check-out processes as we combine a all-in-one point-of-sale system, with our compact programmable keyboard, the MCI 30. This keyboard seamlessly complements the system, especially for handling products without barcodes, such as unit-sold items from the produce or bakery sections. Checkout clerks benefit from increased speed by using the attached keyboard to input the necessary PLU codes.

Explore Highly Efficient Bump Bar Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

PrehKeyTec introduces robust solutions designed for professional kitchens, aimed at minimizing data input errors with distinct haptic feedback, even when wearing gloves. Our water-resistant bump bar keyboards are built to last. Experience effortless cleaning and maintenance with rugged surfaces. The individually color-coded and illuminated keys simplify operation, reducing downtimes and elevating customer satisfaction.


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Customizable Cash Register Keyboards

In retail and hospitality, our programmable POS keyboards ensure that the cash register runs smoothly at all time. But the cash register keyboard offers even more.
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Efficient Bump Bars

Elevate your operations with our bump bar keyboard, a compact, robust, and efficient solution designed to meet the unique demands of the hospitality industry!