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PrehKeyTec | Highly Reliable and Durable Keyboards Meet State of the Art Technologies

PrehKeyTec is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality data entry systems. Keyboards and scanners that reduce the complexity of data input and enable noticeable time advances worldwide in the areas of retail & POS, airport & airline, manufacturing & logistics, office & finance, security & identification and healthcare.

In addition to keyboards and multifunctional readers, our product range also includes reliable DIN-connectors.

Many decades of know-how in development and production ensure tailor-made solutions in projects with customer-specific requirements.

With our AEO-F (Authorized Economic Operator) certification and our status as a “Known Consignor”, we are able to ship our products quickly and reliably, in compliance with legal requirements, worldwide. PrehKeyTec is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 quality standards. We develop and produce all of our products in Mellrichstadt, Germany.


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MCI 30 | Programmable Numeric Keypad

With the MCI 30 number pad, you can program short cuts, complex applications or macros at the touch of a key, speeding up processes. This makes the programmable numpad one of the bestselling cash register keypads in the retail industry.
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MCI 60 | Programmable Keyboard for Cash Registers

Thanks to its compact layout, the MCI 60 programmable keyboard is perfectly suitable for any cash register application. With 60 keys the POS keyboard easily offers enough space to program typical retail shortcuts and macros.
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MSI 60 | Robust, Programmable POS Keyboard

Even with heavy daily use at the cash register, our programmable keyboards out preform other data entry solutions with their extremely long service life, which is why they are used by well-known supermarkets and discounters all around the world.
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MCI 128 | Custom Professional Keyboard for Retail

With 128 programmable keys, the POS keyboard is one of our most versatile solutions. That’s why it is used wherever complex inputs or the combination of an alphanumeric keyboard layout with other intricate functions are required.
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MCI 84 | Customizable Cash Register Keyboard

In retail and hospitality, our programmable POS keyboards ensure that the cash register runs smoothly at all time. You can use the customizable keyboard for complex queries and alphanumeric entries simultaneously.