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Pointr is the leader in digital maps and blue-dot location technology for retailers

Pointr’s platform revolutionizes how retailers implement and manage store maps. AI-powered indoor mapping and geolocation solutions ensure that maps are kept up-to-date to reflect changes to store layouts, providing retailers with accurate product wayfinding, geofencing, and powerful location analytics- at scale!

With more than 4 billion sqft digitized to date, Pointr unlocks seamless digital mapping experiences in over 5,000 buildings, across 27 countries for 14 Fortune 100 companies.


Pointr Maps

Pointr Maps is the only AI-based mapping solution in the market. Pointr has developed MapScale, a deep learning based engine, that can digitize a new floorplan in minutes. This allows Pointr to create and update maps at scale at high speed and low cost.

Pointr Express

Pointr Express enables visitors to use maps and wayfinding inside a store without installing an app. By simply tapping an NFC tap, scanning a QR code, or clicking a link (iMessage), users instantly have full mapping, search and wayfinding capabilities.