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Pointr, The Deep Location® Company

Digital maps have become essential to the world of retail as they have been proven to significantly increase retail app engagement and drive lifts in revenue. Research shows that while 78% of the top 50 US retailers have ‘Store Mode’ in their mobile app, only 19% have incorporated in-store maps.

A major challenge when implementing digital store maps for tens, hundreds, or thousands of store locations is keeping maps up-to-date. Pointr's solutions have solved this challenge- Introducing the Deep Location® platform.

Pointr’s platform revolutionizes how retailers implement and manage store maps. The platform's AI-powered indoor mapping and geolocation solutions ensure that maps are kept up-to-date to reflect changes to store layouts, providing retailers with accurate product wayfinding, geofencing, and powerful location analytics- at scale!

With more than 4 billion sqft digitized to date, Pointr unlocks seamless digital mapping experiences in over 5,000 buildings, across 27 countries for 12 Fortune 100 companies. 

Visit booth 8022 to see Pointr’s mapping & geolocation technology in action, and let’s start the conversation!

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Leverage Pointr’s geofencing to increase revenue through targeted recommendations.
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Digital Maps

Digital maps allow your customers and seasonal staff to navigate your stores with ease. Adding Pointr’s 2D/3D digital maps to your mobile app’s store mode makes finding products, departments, and brands simple!
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Product Location

With Pointr, customers can view the real-time location of their shopping list items on a digital store map, view product details, and images- even reviews, providing a more streamlined, immersive approach to the in-store shopping journey.
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In-Store Navigation

It all begins with highly accurate location. With Pointr’s blue-dot, customers can easily orient themselves during store visits, and quickly navigate to departments, products, brands, or points of interest.