Booth # 8022
Boston, MA
United States

Pointr, The Deep Location® Company

Digital maps are imperative in retail as they are proven to increase retail app engagement levels
significantly. However, while 78% of the top 50 US retailers have ‘Store Mode’ in their app, only
19% have already activated in-store maps. Retailers lag behind as they struggle to create digital
maps for thousands of stores and to keep these maps up-to-date.

Bring indoor maps and geolocation technology to your stores with Pointr. With our
revolutionary AI Mapping technology, retailers can digitize all their stores instantly to enable
in-store product wayfinding, geofencing, and powerful location analytics.

Our technology is highly scalable and high-performance. We have already digitized more than 4
billion sqft for 12 Fortune 100 companies, across 27 countries, in 5,000+ buildings. We are
trusted by key players such as Microsoft, Cisco, CBRE, America’s Department Store, the U.S.
Department of Homeland Security, and more.

Visit our booth to see Pointr’s mapping and geolocation technology in action, and let’s start the

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