Picavi U.S. Inc

Picavi U.S. Inc
Picavi U.S. Inc
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Chicago, IL
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Picavi GmbH is an award-winning full-service provider with wearables expertise in Pick-by-Vision solutions. Users wearing smart glasses are given strict and user-friendly “visual guidance” to complete processes in a warehouse, manufacturing or in-store fulfillment setting, allowing workers to maximize their productivity, and minimize errors while working hands-free. Picavi's solution is being used by numerous logistics experts in a variety of sectors around the globe. Customers realize productivity improvements, shorter training times, error reduction and improved ergonomics.

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An assistance system for the employees in the AutoStore warehouse

Particularly due to the high number of variants and the often large range of products, humans are still indispensable for order picking in the AutoStore warehouse. In the highly automated overall system, however, they are also a source of errors that should not be underestimated. With its visual guidance and intuitive user interface, Picavi's pick-by-vision solution supports employees at the picking station and thus increases the quality of picking in the AutoStore warehouse.


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Picavi Cockpit

Business intelligence (BI) solution integrating mobile device management (MDM)