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PFS / LiveArea


PFS / LiveArea
Booths 4541,5039
Allen, TX
United States

PFSweb, Inc. is a global commerce provider creating seamless digital experiences by marrying LiveArea professional services and PFS operations.  Across these two key business units, we focus on smooth operations and intelligent technologies to drive conversions, empower brands, and deliver outstanding customer experiences.  Major B2B & DTC brands turn to PFSweb to optimize customer experiences and enhance traditional and online business channels, creating Commerce Without Compromise.

PFS: From contact center expertise to fulfillment and fraud protection, we work to keep our clients’ operations running smoothly.  For 20+ years, we’ve developed our technology capabilities, personalization services, customer care, fulfillment and omni-channel practices, and much more, specializing in brand-centric operations at every touchpoint.

LiveArea: We approach digital retail with a boutique feel, employing world-class capabilities and practices to create refined, authentic shopping experiences. We use a unique blend of strategy, design, marketing, and technology to drive satisfied interactions and shape buyers into loyal brand ambassadors.