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Pentland Firth Software GmbH
Pentland Firth Software GmbH
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München, Bavaria


Pentland Firth, we have always been a team with a strong focus on people, whether employee or client. As an IT company founded in 2004, we have always built our solutions together with and for the people who use them. This is one of our main driving factors. 

The creative spirit of our international team is another primary force. This has led us to evolve from offering classic software consulting services to creating our own, in-house ground-breaking IoT solutions that cover hardware and electronics in addition to software.


Our main creation is EASY Shopper, an intelligent shopping cart that brings the future to the here and now.  This is just one of the results of our drive to push technological boundaries, with the customer convenience as the main emphasis.


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EASY Shopper

EASY Shopper is our solution for future shopping experience with an intelligent shopping cart. It is a new and innovative approach to the traditional shopping cart.