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Pairzon is a Customer Data Platform designed for retail marketers.

By consolidating all fragmented data sources (IN STORE & ONLINE ) into a unified dashboard, our AI-powered platform converts omnichannel transactions into optimized digital audiences that increase retention, reduce CAC and boost ROI.

Fueled by real-time transactional data, Pairzon pairs fragmented online / in-store identities to guarantee that marketers and digital agencies spend wisely and maximize ROI.

Our customers use Pairzon's platform on a daily basis as their "morning dashboard" to analyze, strategize and optimize their digital activities.

Pairzon helps retail marketers become DATA EXPERTS
Empowering them to boost sales and measure campaigns' efficiency in real-time without relying on Data Scientist resources.
With Pairzon and retail marketers can use first-party data to create high-resolution audiences, make actionable predictions and conquer immediate goals:

  • Reducing CAC.
  • Identify opportunities,
  • Optimizing campaigns,
  • Boosting ROAS.