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Booth # 1248
Carlsbad, CA
United States

OpenSimSim provides two essential applications for retail: (1) employee scheduling and (2) time and attendance. Both are cloud-based, operate on digital devices, and are full-featured.

OpenSimSim’s award-winning scheduler is entirely FREE of cost and always will be, regardless of the number of employees and locations.

Managers are highly satisfied with OpenSimSim’s scheduler because it saves them a huge amount of time, prevents accidental overtime, informs them of the cost of a schedule before posting, and allows them to feel as though they are managing from their back pocket.

This is because managers can approve or disapprove disrupters such as time-off requests, shift-swaps/drops, and such, and a messenger function that facilitates collaboration and communication with employees and other managers -- all from any mobile device, at anytime, anywhere.

TimeClock by OpenSimSim is fully integrated with the scheduler and is fee-based. The fee-per-employee per month is set at $2 per scheduled employee per month. Only scheduled employees are counted for billing.

Compliance with labor laws is essential to the wellbeing of businesses. That’s why TimeClock is armed with the most powerful compliance engine in existence. What’s more, applying its templates or creating new rules is easy to do.

Clocking in/out is flexible with TimeClock. Use an Android/IOS tablet as a kiosk and/or allow workers to clock in/out with their smartphones within the GPS proximity that you set. Photo clock-in capability is available.

Please visit us at booth 1248 to have a chat or see a demo. You can always find out more at, and when you’re there, why not sign up for your free employee scheduler?

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