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Booth # 1833
Berkley, CA
United States

Omnic is an international company focused on developing self-service solutions and cross-industrial innovations in the field of retail and logistics. The technology was developed with the support of Berkeley University for robotics and the provision of last-mile technology in retail, logistics, and e-commerce.The company provides a full cycle solution starting from concept development, production, implementation, and subsequent maintenance. The headquarters of the company is located in California, the R&D team - in Kiev, and the regional offices are in Moscow, Minsk, Krakow.

Our product line includes

  • QHub all-in-one self-service station

  • QFresh 1004 automated refrigerator  

  • QBurger automated heating solution for hot food delivery 

  • QStore 1006 vending solution

  • QFood RFID vending solution



QHub is all-in-one self-service unit, benefiting from ergonomic design and a convenience that is unrivaled.