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Okulis Inc.
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San Jose, CA
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Okulis.ai is a Cloud Network Engineering Platform.


Traditional network/network security engineering is a console-driven, silo-ed and is relatively manual that does not scale well to today's cloud environments. Okulis enables the transformation from traditional network and network security administration to Cloud Network Engineering. We simplify design, deployment and operation of cloud networks across both Infrastructure and Application teams. 


Okulis was founded in 2021 by networking and security experts, Satish Veerapuneni and Saurabh Jain as they realized Secure Cloud Networking is one growing challenge for enterprises around the world. 


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Free Proof-of-Concept for Agentless Network Performance Monitoring

Is Digital Experience Monitoring one of your key projects?

You have an environment with existing SD-WAN technology in your stores/sites and have Applications in the Cloud. Is it missiong critical for you to have secure and reliable connectivity over the internet from stores to private applications?

If so, you should give Okulis.ai Agentless NPM Module a try - it's free as a promotion for a PoC and you would get 30-min a week session free from the founding team. 


Agentless Network Performance Monitoring

Monitor the network from site to cloud in an agentless way leveraging existing enterprise infrastructure.

We connect to your WAN-Edge and Cloud infrastructure via the API and help identify and root-cause network anomalies.