OEM Protector

OEM Protector
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OEM Protector - We Make Accessories for mobile devices 

OEM Protector helps businesses to increase their work efficiency by developing high quality carrying and protective accessories for electronic devices. Our smart wearable solutions make your everyday work easier, while keypad & screen protectors help to save your devices from the most common damages.


  • Payment terminals

  • Tablets

  • Mobile computers

  • Barcode scanners

  • Mobile printers

  • Monitors

  • Other mobile devices used in business


  • IMPROVE WORK EFFICIENCY: Work smarter & faster with our wearable accessories. 

  • PROTECT THEIR DEVICES: Protect your electronic devices against scratches and cracks.

  • UPGRADE WORK CONDITIONS: Improve the ergonomy for your customers and employees.



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Carrying Cases for Mobile Devices

Attach the device to straps, lanyard or other wearable accessories for an easy carrying. We make high-quality leather and textile cases for various mobile devices: payment terminals, barcode scanners, mobile computers and tablet.s
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Carrying Holsters

Just grab your device whenever you need it, and have your hands free in the rest of the time. We make carrying holsters for payment terminals, mobile computers and barcode scanners.
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Rubber Protective Cases

Stop worrying about scratches and greasy stains on your devices. Our custom-made rubber cases help to save your mobile devices from most common damages. Made of high quality rubber.
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Stands and Mounts for Payment Terminals

Our mounting stands provide a comfortable access to the payment terminal for your customers. Thanks to the various heights, design and rotation options, we can offer the solution well suited for any business.