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Octashop eRetail Services Pvt. Ltd.


Octashop eRetail Services Pvt. Ltd.
Octashop eRetail Services Pvt. Ltd.
Booth # 1168
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
OctaShop Invites you Booth no. 1168 in NRF Jan 13-15th 2019.
  • OctaShop Commerce is a fully Omni-channel compliant system that gives customers a seamless phygital (O2O) experience with total recognition. OctaShop Commerce platform has been architected with a core engine concept across multiple categories and business models and allows for great degree of flexibility to customize the product offering based on business. Octashop successfully completed 15 years offering in Technology, Consulting & managed services in the most splendid way.
  • Omniware is a perfect coherence between Marketplace & Physical Store. Having Capability of Distribute Order Management, Call-Centre, Store Order Management, Return Management, Order Fulfillment, Order Online & Pick-up at Store, Order at store and get delivered at Home, Mobile App. 
  • Integra It's a component based integration platform to establish seamless connectivity between heterogeneous system with different message format and with less configuration. Components are governed by Integra Engine and also the heart of Product. Engine is responsible for buildup Integration channel backed with components and manage life cycle of Component during execution plan.