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NOBAL Technologies Inc.
NOBAL Technologies Inc.
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NOBAL Technologies: Retail solutions reimagined.

NOBAL Technologies is a Canadian-based technology firm founded in 2012 that is revolutionizing the way consumers connect with their favourite brands in-store. Today, NOBAL is a global leader in intelligent mirror displays, providing interactive retail experiences for consumers around the world.

iMirror offers an innovative solution to traditional purchase barriers by enabling shoppers to search, select, and buy from a complete range of inventory and promotions. Its agnostic software makes it seamlessly integrate with retailers’ current operating systems and adaptable to limitless products and services.

NOBAL pushes the boundary on retail innovation — boosting consumer basket sizes, while minimizing shrinkage and basket abandonment. To learn more about NOBAL’s leading-edge iMirror products, visit

Press Releases

Interactive Mirror Allows Retail Customers to Virtually “Try On” Clothing

Calgary, AB – Dec 6, 2021 – Retail clothing stores of the future will likely have fewer clothes, checkout stations, fitting rooms, employees—and square footage. Instead, you’re likely to see more self-service consoles that allow shoppers to virtually “try on” any garment.

According to NOBAL Technologies, Inc., of Calgary, that future is here right now, with NOBAL’s iMirror product, an interactive mirror that promises to revolutionize the customer experience in the retail realm—much as it’s already doing in hospitality settings.


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NOBAL’s iMirror is the intersection of sales and marketing for modern brands.