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Technology is in our DNA, since 1997 we make history with our disruptive solutions in the pursuit of promoting justice.

Nextop™ is the precursor of the first loss prevention system at supermarket POS, with the innovation of the CASH system that audits and monitors the sensitive and critical operation of the cashier front.

We are the first POS monitoring center in the world, with more than 1,400 strategic plans to audit and guide assertive decisions for managing your business.

We are present in 26 states, 382 cities and 3 countries, with more than 9,100 POS’s, registering more than 330 thousand occurrences and identifying more than 112 thousand frauds.

With Cash we can integrate with all ERPs on the market.

In 2021, we launched the biggest retail innovation, Smart Cart Nextop™, the first smart cart in Brazil and Latin America, with high technology, artificial intelligence and loss prevention, which provides a new shopping experience for consumers with freedom and agility.

We have a complete portfolio of solutions to protect the present and future of your business!


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SMART CART - Smart Shopping Cart

Capacity 150 Liters / 100 kg
5 verification cameras with artificial intelligence
16 hour battery life
10.1 inch monitor
Standard 1D and 2D GS1
Weight 42kg
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SMART CART - E-Commerce

The Smart Cart E-Commerce Nextop™ simplifies the product separation process, reducing steps and employees with assertiveness, reducing costs and operating time.
Contains 3 scales, battery life of 16 hours, 1 verification camera, barcode reading
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Cash - Loss Prevention System

The tool performs the integration of the tax coupon with audio and video, auditing processes, reliability of information and assertiveness in actions.
✔ Video with legal validity
✔ Search coupon
✔ Live module option
✔ Process certification
✔ Customized surveys
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SET® - Specialized Monitoring and Auditing Service

If something or someone right now could hurt your company's bottom line, we'll know about it.

✔ 1st POS monitoring center in the world
✔ Double validation of occurrences
✔ + 1,400 strategic plans
✔ Process certification
✔ Audit of all receipts and breaks
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Recebe® - Monitoring and Auditing System for Recei

RECEBE is the solution to audit and monitor processes, operational errors, detect fraud, theft and deviations in receipts.

✔ Video with legal validity
✔ Process certification
✔ Loss prevention management
✔ Attendant management
✔ Reduction of fraud and theft